Celebrating the Little Things: the Re-emergence of Bees.

Wildlife has suffered for many years as a result of human disturbance. Since humans have been in lockdown, we have seen social media light up with videos of wildlife thriving in the deserted streets of otherwise busy and bustling areas. From dancing mice in the London Underground to wild boars in the center of Barcelona, animals are experiencing a well-needed break from the hectic world we live in. Bees are one of the animals who appear to be reaping the benefits of our losses. Scientific stud

Dear government, stop blaming students for the second peak and start caring about their mental health.

Being a student right now is HARD. The university experience as we know it has been completely transformed. For freshers starting university, it’s an extremely daunting and stressful experience as it is. They are moving to a completely new city, away from home, and moving into a small flat with complete strangers. Not only that, but the adjustment is made even harder given the fact we have all spent the last 6 months in lockdown - living at home, not working, and spending uninterrupted time with

Good News For Bees. —

The world is becoming a safer and better place for bees, which means now is a better time than ever for planting pollinator friendly blooms. Bees will be looking for food sources over the coming months, and we have a chance to redeem the bee population and bring the numbers back up. As we know, a world without bees would look very different. They pollinate a third of the food we eat, and contribute billions of pounds to our global economy. The world is big, and the problems that come with it ar

I swapped Northumbria for Newcastle Uni for the day and I got lost three times

I’ve always been interested in the intense rivalry between Newcastle and Northumbria students. Why is Newcastle considered the better uni? What do they have that we don’t have? Is the grass really greener on the other side? So, I decided to cross enemy lines and become a Newcastle student for a day. I put on my pair of black flares and my puffer jacket and I was ready to settle the debate once and for all. I recruited the help of my housemate, Lucy. A second year English Literature student at

6 TV Programmes That Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations for Real Life

Have you ever watched a TV programme and just dreamt it could be anything like your life? Yes, of course, we all have. Part of the reason we all love watching TV so much is that characters in those programmes have more exciting lives than we do, have funnier friends than we do, have more attractive partners than we do, etc. But I’ve begun to realise that actually, the TV programmes we watch give us a pretty unrealistic expectation of what real life is really like. Of course, I know TV shows ar

A round of up of the best posts from ‘Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange’ this term

If you’re not in this group, you’re missing out Lost your ID? Castle Leazes Ticket Exhange. Looking for a housemate? Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange. Want to buy a discounted train ticket to Peterborough leaving tomorrow? CASTLE LEAZES TICKET EXCHANGE! It truly has the answer to all your problems. And among the many posts of people searching for new housemates and lost bank cards, it is a gold mine of hilarious content. So here is a round up of this terms best posts from Castle Leazes Ticket Exh

Family, keeping busy and researching: What it’s like to deal with grief at university

Grief can come in many forms, and it comes unexpectedly. It can leave you feeling isolated, lost, anxious and confused. No matter where you are, or who you are surrounded by, it will never be easy to deal with. And with the added pressures of exams, social life, loneliness and being far away from home, dealing with grief at university can make it a lot harder. I lost someone very close to me before coming to university in September, and I can't find a single word to explain how it felt. Numbnes

Awkward reunions, comfy beds and the bank of Mum: Unavoidable things that will happen when you go home for Christmas

First term has dragged on for longer than it should have and everyone is gagging to get back to the comfort of their own home and be reunited with their pets. Oh, and their family and friends too. But most importantly pets. However, no matter how hard we try, going home for Christmas always sees the same reoccurring scenarios that just can not be avoided. So here is a list of all the things that WILL happen when you arrive back home for Christmas. Every single family member asking you: "How's

Fight Club 2018: Meet the Fighters

All new Fight Club is here and the fighters have been training HARD for six weeks in preparation. The students are fighting for a cause, with all of the profits of the event to go to Cancer Research UK. Plus, the event will be taking place at the Lancastrian Suite and will include red carpets, student drink prices and an official after-party at Swingers! Rob Clarkson, from Stage One Events, told The Newcastle Tab: " I couldn’t be more happy to announce that after months of hard work our debut

Pizza envy, Echo Falls and Lynx Africa: What your drunk takeaway says about you

If you're a student in Newcastle, you're probably no stranger to a takeaway after a night out. With a vast selection ranging from McDonald's to Munchies, we're spoilt for choice! But what does your takeaway actually say about you? Did someone say Fiat 500? You drank your Summer Berries Echo Falls at pres like it was juice. It's your third bottle of the week and it's only Tuesday, but who's counting? Liquid calories don’t count anyway. You’re definitely a messy drunk. Your friend is no strange